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We check your site to ensure it complies and that no pop-up windows, frame breaking Javascripts, trojans, malware, viruses and Java pop-ups exist.

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No problem, simply send us a message with your details and we will provide you our wallet address.

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We can supply adult traffic if required, however its a little more expensive, so we advise you to contact us before placing an order to confirm the pricing!

Traffic Monster Paid Traffic

Only around 10 sites make it to the first page of a search engine, if your site receives little or no traffic, you are doomed to oblivion!

Why not give our traffic solution a try, even if you start with a smaller great value pack, you will soon see results in your rankings and when you do see benefits, you can upgrade to a greater number of visitors suited to both your websites capacity and its budget.

Our 100% real and human traffic comes from a broad variety of extremely reliable sources, including but not limited to Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, Google, Stumbleupon, Yahoo and Bing, as well as traffic flowing from at least 20 million expired domain names!

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You can order your package instantly from the ordering page. After your purchase is reviewed (approximately 24h) your order is then processed and your traffic will begin.

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Check using Google Analytics, AwStats on cPanel or any other statistics software you have installed on your website and see your website sky-rocket up the SEO rankings.

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At the end of your campaign, we may ask you to send a review of your overall success with the traffic delivered, because we really care about improving our services to you.

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Fast service, awesome traffic and delivered as promised, this campaign has now boosted my website credentials and my Alexa ranking is under 100k!
Avery Clarkson - London England - Owner
Not only has every bit of traffic been delivered but I have found I recieved around 10% more traffic than I actually purchased, am I happy ... YOU BET!
Ahmed Youssef - UAE - Founder
Most of my traffic recieved came from Tier 1 countries and my Alexa rank has skyrocketed which is un-bloody-believably AWESOME man, thank you!
Billy Bunter - Adelaide Australia - Pie Maker
WTF, I have bought traffic before but it's never been quality like this is, the bounce rate is only about 30% and visitors are actually buying my services!
Jennifer Bailey - Washington State - CEO
The Monster has changed the way I do business and my once over looked website is now getting excellent responses. You guys have truly turned around my business at a time in which I was about to fold, thanks TM!
Robert Young - Arizona - USA