Q1 - Do you use Bots/Robots?

A - This is the most frequent question we are asked, kindly note our traffic is 100% real and NO bots or software is ever used in the generation of our traffic.

Q2 - Is your traffic safe for Adsense?

A - The second most frequent question we are asked, and whilst our traffic is 100% real, it should be noted that any traffic purchased for the purpose of improving the performance of anyones Adsense efforts, should be considered unwise and efforts should be concentrated in areas where penalties are not going to apply i.e direct and affiliate marketing.

Q3 - Where do the visitors come from?

A - Our traffic is delivered via pop-unders and exit-pops throughout our partner network of thousands of high traffic, highly ranked websites including but not limited to social media outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others, as well as redirected traffic from our huge network of expired domains.

Q4 - How fast will I get my visitors?

A - All submissions are manually reviewed for content and ad guidelines before being entered into the system and queued. Assuming there are no problems with the submitted page, you can expect to start receiving traffic in about 1 to 2 business days (depending on current volume levels) with most campaigns completing within 30 days.

Q5 - What sort of bounce rate can I expect?

A - Every website will have visitors that bounce, that is natural and so its to be expected our real vistors will reflect an organic bounce rate somewhere between 30% and 100% which is similar to any traffic you recieve from any source.

Q6 - Can I divide my traffic between websites?

A - No, we can only allow one URL per order, so if you'd like traffic sent to a seperate URL please consider placing another order.You can however, change the URL to another part way through your campaign.

Q7 - Can I promote any type of website?

A - Your site must be lawful and NOT contain harmful software's, such as virii, trojans, worms etc. Also we will not send traffic to sites which promote hate, violence or sex involving animals or minors.

Q8 - Is a 'unique visit' the same thing as a 'hit'?

A - A unique visit is counted when someone views a web page without reloading their browser and further, the person cannot have visited that page for some time. Unique visits are also known as "sessions." A hit is not necessarily a unique visit. Technically, a hit occurs whenever a file is loaded i.e when you loaded this page you generated quite a few hits, one for each image you loaded and one for the page itself. In common usage, people are referring to unique visits when they talk about hits. WE COUNT UNIQUE VISITS, NOT HITS!

Q9 - Can you supply traffic for my Adult website?

A - Absolutely yes, adult sites require traffic also, simply inform us that is your requirement and we will setup your campaign accordingly but kindly note the this type of traffic is a little more expensive.

Q10 - Will visitors purchase/signup on my site?

A - Another popular question and the answer is maybe but this depends on what your offering, how good (or otherwise) your sales pitch is and a raft of other factors. If your site sells something they want or need and you do a good job of selling it, they will buy but we make no assurances in that regard given the circumstances are completely beyond our control.

Q11 - Why do the Stats vary?

A - Google and other third party URL tracking providers use proprietary software to eliminate third party viewers in there statistics. When using cookies to track visits it is not uncommon to see big differences, for all the viewers who have cookies disabled or decline accepting them. It is important to remember that tracking stats by cookies is not and will never be 100%, many viewers simply jump on a page and then off too quickly, for it to register an impression. If a lot of viewers have javascript disabled (or cookies disabled) that could account for up to 60%, additionally, if Google Analytics senses that a particular segment of traffic is coming from behind a proxy server (like AOL) it will throw out all of the location data. Also the speed of the google code could be an issue, frequently the pages will be loaded and still waiting for analytics to catch up as visitors browse on and the visit vanishes into the ether, the visit needs recording as it is requested, and third party sites can not be depended on to do this, not even Google.

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